1982 Established Victron & cooperated with Hitachi. (Agent)
1986 Got 1st Hitachi CDT order in Twn (from Teco).
1992 Established Tenic for local Sicd delivery.
1993 Bought Nan-King E. Rd., office, Teco shifted production to PRC.
1994 CDT biz over USD10M/M (contribution from Mag & Teco).
1996 Mag shifted production to PRC. Established Victron (HK) to take care of Mag (PRC) & Teco (PRC) monitor related biz.
1999 bought Nei-Hu office.
2000 New products Line : HDE (CCD MODULE), FFM ( DSC,1394..)
2001 New products Line : Telechips ( Caller ID, MP3,GPSK),Hitachi Media(DVD,CD-R, Pick up Head); Tenic merged to Topshine (Multilite Group).
2002 Got Health Insurance IC Card 12Mpcs order. (Teco)
2002 New products Line :A&T,D&A(FM Module).
2002 Bought shin-tien office.
2003 Renesas was established.(Merger of Hitachi and Mitsubishi)
2003 New products line: QSI(DVD DRIVER,DVD+RW)
2005 New products line: Neosonic Battery, US Best Flash Controller
2006 New products line: LTT Finger Printer Sensor
2006 Renesas Agent Ranking 06K No.4
2007 Set up Shanhai & Suzhou office
2007 Renesas Agent Ranking 06S No.2 / 07K No.1 (Best Agent)
2007 New product line:Formosa
2008 Agent of Renesas SH by Victron SH
2009 Agent of TOREX and RSP
2010 Renesas Electronics was established (Merge of Renesas and NEC)
2012 Renesas 2012/1H Agent Ranking No.1